Film creation, from the idea to the experience.

Gabriel Verdugo Soto –

The Motto

Pewma Dasein, the Belo films motto, is an integration of two different words, from two different languages, of two different cultures.
Pewma comes from the Mapuche, a native precolumbian culture that populates the south of Southamerica, what now is southern Chile and Argentina. On mapudungún (the Mapuche language), Pewma means “the reverie of the Machi“, being the Machi the female shaman of the Mapuche community.
Dasein is a german word, that means being there, and that in phylosophy it is used as being there in that particular place, in that particular time, having a human experience.
Therefore Pewma Dasein means ¨being there in a reverie¨, being there watching a film in a unique place, in a unique time, having a unique experience as a human being
Also, the merge of the european language and the native american language, it is used to show the subjective origin of where the “Belo films” movies come, and they come from Chile.

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