I’ve finally reached the 40 minute mark

Uff, it was hard, the scene 31 at one moment had 8 characters in the same shot and also a lot of different simulations (rigid body, hair particles, cloth), so very very time consuming. Also i have added a few flashbacks to make it more misterious from the begining, and also to make some new conecctions between the characters. I have also animated a new presentation for BELOFILMS  with his own music wich i like a lot.

Also i have been procastinating :P , and i think that is because i have set the weekly goal for 60 to 75 seconds animated, or around 300 frames newly animated daily (and been doing so for the past 2 years i think, every time i have to animate (and not all the time i have to animate to make this movie)), so as the scenes are getting more and more complex to animate, the goal it’s getting more and more unreal, thus every time that i did’nt reached the goal of the minute of animation i was kind of down and felt that it was pointless to continue at a high effort level, so what was set for one week, then became 2 and sometimes 3 if the scene was unexpectedly difficult for some reason, or if i did a mistake or something…………

So, for what is left of the year, starting in august i’m going to change the workflow strategy, and my goal it’s going to be set the goal in work hours, hopefully making the productivity increase, fingers cross, but that schedule of frames per week goal wasn’t working for me anymore, because if the shots were too complex i was unable to reach the goal, or if they were too simple i would stop working earlier and leave the computer rendering, being unable to work on it anymore.

This is the final shot of the new BELOFILMS presentation (:


The new presentation doesn’t tell a story though, but it does work as a welcoming screen before the movie.


2 thoughts on “I’ve finally reached the 40 minute mark

  • well it’s nice to assess the shots first as “easy, medium, hard” so when you set your expectations you can plan for it.
    so for easy you do 300 frames a day, medium 200, and hard 100 ?, its a good idea, also I would include in this projection the ammount of characters in the shot, that just doubles the difficulty (even more if they have contacts), and finally physics simulation and the like.

    • i actually tried that at first, after a talk from pajaro animation company, but it didnt work, it didn’t work for them either, cause you are just limiting yourself and doing extra work than just start doing it, maybe for a big company, but for a small production it’s just more work, and also you should know exactly what you want so you limit the discovery of the unknown wich i think it’s crucial for any artistic endeavor

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