How i have endure with this project for so long

I think that the most important psycologic aspect that has enable me to endure this long (currently 5 years), is that i have learned in the process; as my goals in this proyect have been beyond what i, at the moment of setting the goals, knew, the uncharted territory and the joy of solving problems have enable me to feel like i’m moving forward in achieving my dream, to make the best possible movie that i can; the uncertainty has taking me to the boundaries of my artistic, technical, and human knowledge, and in understanding the unkown i have found enough satisfaction to keep moving forward.
Prior to that of course was to set a high goal, a goal that speaks volumes of who i am as a person, meaning that in the path of trying to achieve that goal i was confident that i was going to find myself confortable enough to convince myself that it was something i needed and could do.

The biggest delays have also been part of this learning process, either i didn’t knew what to do artistically, wich is hard to solve as it implies a trial and error to wich the answer is subjective and even the question is sometimes unknown, meaning that time passes by and you either settle with a solution to a problem that isn’t the real solution, and you probably must rectify later, or you were trying to solve a problem that was actually only a consequence of a deeper and more meaningful issue meaning that whatever solution will prove eventually meaningless and more time will be spend eventually. Or the delays were that i dind’t knew what to do technically, wich it’s something easier to solve as it’s a matter of searching the right words on the internerds.


Tiny Update:

Elulu, is looking fine at the moment, i think i finally have the scenes in the proper order up to the minute 50, january and february were devoted to that task, i deleted 4 scenes, scenes that haved the backgrounds and music already done (A lot of work still 180 shooted, composited and colored backgrounds to the trash ), but it’s for the greater good.
This week i’ll reach 33 animated minutes, edited and composited in the timeline with the music, and some of the sound fx.
SO, even if i die i will finish it in exactly one year from now, no matter what, this is the final year of this proyect and i’m excited to make it happen.


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