Elulu, this year so far

For the past six months i have been making some big changes, structurally wise i changed the place of some scenes, and using the same backgrounds i redesigned some scenes to add new content, also i made some new conections between the characters, because i realised that it was lacking some human cohesive force, and that realisation took a lot of time of thinking and false starts, but i’m pleased with the outcome; i’ve deleted some animated shots and 1 scene completly animated, rendered and composited, was trashed, like 4 months of work- 2 minutes in the timeline trashed, that’s one of the risk of imitating the Miyazaki way of work, not making a script but making a storyboard (storysketch in my case), still, i have written screenplays in the past (4 i think?), and that takes me like 8-14 months, so still, i feel it’s faster and better this way, because nothing guarantees that a scene written and shooted isn’t trashable in the timneline, the editing process is reckless in that way, but it’s for the greater good, the movie as a whole.
I have rearrenged the entire begininig of the movie and added 2 new scenes to wich i didn’t have the backgrounds, one of those backgrounds were shooted on the backyard of my house, so that wasn’t a big trouble, but the other scene took place on the forest so i had to make the forest on 3d, in blender, and use cycles, the realistic render engine, to make the backgrounds of that scene blend well with the backgrounds of the scenes of the rest of the movie, the problem with that was, that one, i haven’t used cycles before, so there was a time consuming learning curve, and two, that it took ages to render, so each shot took like 4-12 days to render, a looot of time, like 3 months in total only in the backgrounds of just 1 scene, luckily, but just recently, my dad support me with a new pc so, right now i can work with two machines, and that have speeded up the process in like 15 to 20%.
Now, for the past 2 months or so i have been remaking some shots that i wasn’t completly satisfied, because i can animate a lot better now than 2 years ago, and also i have recorded some sound fx for the first 5 minutes of the movie, so here are 2 pictures of when i was recording the best actors ever, Don Plomo, and Chicopopo.


foley- (1)

Btw, the rig setup is a 4 channel recorder, that has a stereo xy condenser mics using 2 channels, a shotgun condenser mic with a guitar linear booster preamp conected to the third channel, and a piezzo electric microphone with a guitar preamp+eq combo conected to the fourth channel, that way i can have the stereo pair if i want the sound with a wider image, the shotgun if i want the sound isolated and more direct, and the piezzo mic, if i want the sound in an odd, closer, bassy way (the piezzo is a surface mic, it doesn’t get the sound transmited by air but rather the sound transmited by a surface, so it always gives a super clean noiseless image, it’s really cheap to get, like 6 usd, but it has a really distinctive sound, i couldn’t use it all the time, and is not useful all the time, but it can work wonders and creepy moments alike, so it’s great for sound design.
*Lesson learned this month: a good sound design can improve a lot a not so good animated shot.

foley- (3)

For what’s rest of the year i will be animating full time, so hopefully i will manage to get to the 35-40 minutes mark this year, the past week i was able to animate 1 minute of a complex scene with 3 characters, so if i can keep working this hard i can make it, right now though after these delayed 6 months i have only 18 minutes completly rendered and composited in the timeline, 2 minutes less than in december last year, so, not much improvement in the timeline, but there is a big improvement in the content, it feels like a real movie now, and that makes me happy, also the final goal is to have a working piece by october 2017, and the final piece by the end of that year, hopefully premiering in Annecy 2018.

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