Things i’ve learned on filmaking while making ELULU.

It’s best for video editing that you render the music in instrument separated layers and then arrange it as you like on the video editor, you can even mix layers from diferent tracks to make new music as needed, and of course make the track you did on the first place.

It’s handy to render the main musical riff of the movie on his own layer and in many variations, in different tempo, with different velocity, with different samples, that way you can express different meanings within the same melody and you can mix it with the layers of the other music in the video editing process.

I’ts better to aim to a higher amount of work than a lower, that way you will always reach the goal.

A restless 24/7 is nonsense and it works only for 2-3 months after that the productivity decreases, so a day rest a week minimum is needed, 8 hours of sleep are priority and it’s better to stop watching a screen 1 hour before bed time to get a proper rest otherwise productivity decreases the next day.

You can work all day from get up to bedtime, for six days a week but your body will hate you (pain in the wrists and the back, dry eyes, weight gain etc.)

It’s better to render during the night, for temperature issues and to make use of the pc during the day, if you have to render during the day and cannot use the computer during that time, and you can’t move forward in the project without the pc, you can use the spare time for rest.

If you are going to stare a monitor for a long period of time make sure to light the enviroment properly so your eyes dont hurt, also change the focus from the screen to something that is far away for 5 mins after 1 hour of screen time (oftalmologist told me so hahhah)

You have to prioritize in animation, first and most importantly the story must be told, and along that, emotion is king, second is rythm, as i have already arranged the music i can sync some reactions to a certain change or to a particular sound in the music, third is beautiful movement, and fourth is 3d artifacts, like a rigging brake or a hand trasspassing a body for a fraction of a second or something. As i have a limited amount of time, because i want to finish this project someday… i have to prioritize, emotion is king, if i animate something and it has the right performance then i move to review and fix, i try to animate beautifully but i push my knowledge boundaries in animation so that’s not always possible in the first try, and if i brake the rigg during that time, only if it’s too notorius i will fix it otherwise it will stay, because i expect that the audience will be focus in the emotion of the storytelling, if the movie works the audience will be focus on the story, and it’s going to view the shot not as a single shot, but as a scene, as a movie, as a whole, and animation artifacts, if they don’t interfere with the emotion they can just, be there, only if they are small and hard to see at first glance of course.

Invest in backup harddrives, its safer.
Lesson learned after i loose a 17min. animatic when a pc died on me like 2-3 years ago.

My current filenaming goes like this:
Escene number-Shot number_Big current version of the file-Layer or small change(-optional comment_reversion)_.
Order it’s important, i currently have like 250.000 files, so if i can’t find the proper file, i loose time.

Don’t forget you are also a human being C:

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