Random updates

C: Elulu’s trailer was posted on BlenderNation yay!

Here is the link: BlenderNation

2015 goal was to reach the 20 minutes animated mark, i´m currently on 19mins. animated and 17mins. rendered, composited with the backgrounds, and mounted on the timeline, so hopefully i will reach the 20 minutes milestone before 2015 christmas.

On my procastinated ToDo list, i still have to make the 3D backgrounds and the tree character of scene 51 and 70, but i will worry about those when i reach them on the timeline.

Is not even summer yet and is really hot in Santiago, Chile, i worry that the PC will burn and melt, like two years ago, when i was working on modelling a 3d character, i believe?, and the graphics card just died on me, as always i don’t have any money so that would be a stall on the movie proyect.

The ultimate goal is to finish Elulu for 2017 Annecy film submission deadline, wich, if they don’t change the deadline, should be by the end of february.

Greetings from Chile!

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