Elulu sneak-peak

It´s been a loooong time since i write here but!. Finally i can see something!!, after 2+ years, i can finally animate :D, the render takes too much though, but i´m happy with the outcome, i hope to finish all the animations (not the renders), before my next birthday :P (end of may), but who knows hahahah, maybe… i keep moving forward, so that´s something valuable i guess, anyway, here are the fisrt two minutes of my movie, there are still some minor mistakes to fix, but no showstopper so :D, no sound fx yet though, just my original score :), also the following video is not on the original size of the movie wich is 4k (4096×2160 pixels), but only on hd (1280×720 pixels), because i dont know yet what codec to use for 4k hhahahahha.


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