Elulu (OMMP) current status

This is the current progress of my first movie

In 3D:

  1. 8 x 3D Characters modeled, textured and rigged
  2. 4 x 3D props, modeled rigged and textured
  3. 2 x 3D chartacters modeled and rigged

*** I still have to model, texture and rigg more characters


  1. 26.154 x photo files, complete backgrounds of 64 scenes (real locations)
  2. Almost 9 scenes have a color graded background

*** There are 8 more scenes that i still have to make the background, but those scenes will be made in 3D


  1. 92 minutes of original music made with original recorded samples
  2. I still have to mix 2 more themes (4 more minutes)
  3. To make the music i made a total of 41 hydrogen drumkits from wich 8 have been released under creative commons and are freely available to download and use.

*** I would probably make 1 to 3 more themes.


  1. 127 pages of storysketch, with an average of 12 to 15 drawings per page
  2. After the storysketch i wrote the script (just to understand better the story)

I´m currently working on the color grade of the backgrounds, then i will make my first cut with the graded backgrounds and music, later i will make the 3d characters that are still missing, after i will animate, and the final stage will be the recording and mixing of the sound FX.

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