OMMP comet

Just a little update on the OMMP, here are the three model stages of the comet from the scene 60:

1:First i carved a polystyrene ball

2:Then i added epoxic clay and modeled craters and holes, i printed the pattern of a rock that i have, applying pressure with the rock over the clay, i also use some round sticks and my hands.

3:And finally i painted the surface of the model using a technique called dry brush
(First you apply a black paint all over the model, then you apply several layers using each time a lighter color. To apply the lighter paint layers you first wet the brush on the paint, and then you remove the paint excess on a absorbent surface (like cardboard), and then, with the dry brush you paint the model)

Now i have to see if a can make a 3D scan following this opensource tutorial



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