Storyboard camera movements

Even though there is no standard on how to draw the camera movements on a storyboard, this is a comprehensive guide of what i have seen used, and of what i use to draw the camera movements on a storyboard, above all, the most important thing is to be clear, that´s why if you don´t remember how to draw an specific camera movement, just write down what the camera does below the drawing, here is the guide:

Panning to the left

Panning to the right

Tilt up

Tilt down

Dolly / Travelling in

Dolly / Travelling back

Dolly / travelling left

Dolly / travelling right

Crane down

Crane up

Zoom in

Zoom back

More complex camera movements can be drawn in the following way:

is a floor plan of the scene that indicates what the camera does, in this example is a travelling around a dancing character.

  1. the arrows indicates in which direction the camera travels, and where to stop
  2. the round line indicates the path of the camera (the line can be changed to any desired shape, indicating different camera movements)
  3. the triangle indicates where the camera is shooting
  4. the beautifully drawn character indicates where the actor is
  5. there can be other elements of the scene as needed, such as a couch, a tree, a dog, another character etc..

if it is a too complex movement it can be drawn using an entire frame of a storyboard (as the example above), or if is clear enough, you can draw it below the frame, as this:

Here is a link to storyboard blank templates.


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