The Storysketch

The Storysketch is used as a comic to tell the story of a movie, every frame is going to be a different shot, it is the early stage of a storyboard (A more artistically elaborated storysketch) , the idea of the storysketch is being able to fill it in quickly, without too much hazzle about making the draws cute, does why the thumbnails are small.
It must have info about the framing, the perspective (optional), the light (optional), and the camera movements, if you want to be even faster at the drawing stage you can use names, instead of drawing all the grass of a shot, just write, grass and draw a few….

…On a personal note, as part of the OMMP i have noticed that making 20 frames of storysketch is better than making 10 or 5, because i get focus more on the storytelling and i actually lost myself in the story, while if i set my daily goal to be 10 i´m more concerned about reaching the number, and start doing a less passive activity…

Here is a guide of how to use this particular storysketch:

A quick guide of some camera movements and linked frames:

And here is the blank storysketch (letter size) to be printed or photocopied (double click on the image before saving it):

*The inner frame aspect ratio is 16:9 (wide HD television (1920*1080 pixels)) and the outer frame is 4k (Digital cinema format (4096×2160 pixels)).

To have two more Storysketch templates, please visit this post: Two more Storysketch blank templates

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