OMMP current status

A movie made only with opensource software and only by one man, that´s the aim of the OMMP, and if everything goes according to the plan, it will be released on late 2013, as of right now, i´m on schedule (:

The OMMP started on January 2012, and this is what i have accomplish so far:

60 minutes of music, made with personal recorded samples at 96khz 24bit, on this picture i´m on Ubuntu (Operative system) using Hydrogen (Sampler), QjackCtl (to route the output from the sampler to the input of the mixer), and Ardour (as the mixer of the samples), the lovely kittie is called “Masita” :3

As of today, i have drawn 774 shots, the first storysketch book is full with 654 shots, i´m currently drawing in the second one (the lighter one of the frame), in my personal way of storytelling, 20 frames = 1 minute; 200 frames = 10 minutes and so on, so my goal for the OMMP is 1400-1500 frames, wich means 70-75 minutes.

Here is my animatic, done on Cinelerra CV, at the moment i have reachd 31 minutes in images, and i have premixed the music for the first 7 minutes with my original score.

Here i am using Blender (3D software) making a character for the movie, this pic is from late may, the design has improved a lot and as of today the rigging (animation control) is almost ready for this, my first character.

So, there is a lot of hard work still to do, but, everything is moving forward, and according to the plan (:

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