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As part of the ¨OMMP¨ since January 2012, i have been recording samples to make music, as i´m using Hydrogen (opensource, available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS) a drum machine, running on Ubuntu (opensource OS), i have created several drumkits, that i will be uploading from time to time, this post is to let you people know that, as there is currently a drumkit contest organized by the developers of Hydrogen, i´ll be uploading 4 drumkits to this contest and they are going to be released under a CC-by license, yes, that means that everyone is going to be able to use this drumkits, even for commercial puposes, as long as they give me the proper credit (Gabriel Verdugo Soto, www.belofilms.com), the 4 drumkits are: Acoustic guitar-normal, Acustic guitar-normal strums, Acoustic guitars-muted, and an eclectic drumkit of fruits, cans, books, leafs, human noises and a djembe from Senegal.

Everything was recorded with a mono-unidirectional-condenser shotgun mic and also a stereo-cardiod-condenser mic in an AB pattern at 96khz 24bit (best possible audio quality), mixed and edited with a little reverb on Ardour (opensource available for Linux and Mac OS), an imported later into Hydrogen.

The drumkits will be available for everyone, once the contest finish.

2 thoughts on “Hydrogen drumkits

  • hola Gabriel. Felicitaciones y gracias por aportar tanto trabajo y esfuerzo. Aun no he podido escuchar tu trabajo pero estoy seguro que sera de entera satisfacción. Quiero contarte que he intentado actualizar la libreria de Hidrogen y acceder a tu drumkits AC-guitar strums pero cuando llega al 12% deja de cargarlo y se detiene la descarga. De todas maneras seguire intentando. Muchas gracias por el aporte. Felicitaciones. Aparicio Gonzalez desde Uruguay-Trinidad

    • Hola Aparicio! :), gracias por comentar, :D, acabo de hacer un feed para poder actualizar desde el mismo software, espero que desde ahí avance a más de 12, ahora estoy haciendo un post sobre como poner el nuevo feed, espero se solucione, Saludos desde Chilito lindo y querido!

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