After the loss of his mother an unemployed scientist and painter returns to his childhood home, but he is unaware that the place it's secretly inhabited by a special caterpillar named Elulu and his three fellas with superpowers, whom are on a quest of their own.

Movie title: Elulu
Genre: Drama - Science fantasy
Duration: 63 minutes.
Language: No dialogues, original versions available in English and Spanish (on-scene texts).
Format: DCI 4K (4096x2160px) Audio 5.1 48khz-24bit
Country of origin: Chile
Date of completion: Final Master available by the end of 2017 first semester.

ELULU, the first animated feature-length film of BELOFILMS, started in 2012 and it's entirely made solely by Gabriel Verdugo Soto.

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Gabriel Verdugo Soto

ELULU Réalisateur
Filmmaker, music composer, 3D animator and scriptwriter, mainly self-taught
– Berlinale Talent Campus alumni.
– Films selected on Cinesul, CortOZ and Noche de monos.
– 4 music albums.
– 35+ shortfilms.
– 4+ years of work experience in Motion Graphics & VFX .